RFID Adjus.Wristb. MIFARE Plus 4K Red

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RFID-Mitarbeiterarmband (Milfare 4K)

An advanced RFID wristband designed for basic guest access with enhanced security used primarily if you want to use additional information. Also can be used as a staff wristband. Water-proof and hard-wearing. Rounded face shape.


Type: RFID smart guest wristband (contactless)

System compatibility: Visionline 1.22+, Vostio 

Chip technology: NXP MIFARE Plus® 

Common Criteria certifications: EAL 5+

Memory: 4K

Intended use: Extended use, multi-application

Colour&Material: Red. One colour base silicon

Size/Length: Length 244.5mm x width 20-35mm x height 2-5mm


  • Backwards compatible to MIFARE Classic and MIFARE Plus
  • Upgrade your choice of applications to 128-bit AES security
  • Secure end-to-end communication channel for over-the-air services


Visionline RFID encoder firmware and later

Vostio RFID encoder 4010


RFID-Mitarbeiterarmband (Milfare 4K - Ultra High-Definition)

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Colour Red
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